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  • Date: 24th September 2022
  • Duration: 2 X 12 hours
  • Location: Online
  • GM: Tim B
  • Mode: Mellow

In an age of legends, before what we now consider recorded time, before the rise of the sons of Arrius, there was a time of HIGH adventure... The Scourge has destroyed the earth, and slowly, we, the Namegivers, that survived in our Kaers, have arisen to re-take our land.

In the small village of Heaphon the elders have a problem that needs solving. Thankfully a group of villagers have recently been trained as Adepts, magically enhanced beings, whose abilities can become greater than any normal man, they just need fortuitous. Sent out into the world to solve a problem, and either make the start of a legend, or the end of a short, horrible tale....

~ Please be aware this may well involve adult themes and events. It does not matter whether you know of Earthdawn, though I obviously recommend it, all info will be supplied. This is a simple system with a wonderful, world specific story.