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The Runaway Bomb
  • Date: 24th September 2022
  • Duration: 24 Hours
  • Location: Online
  • GM: Sean H
  • Mode: Pure

There is a bomb.

Beneath the glossy sheen on society there is a shadowy underbelly, a complex ballet between the dark and the even darker.

The world is in constant danger; terrorists, disasters, rogue elements bent on taking down the system. There are secret heroes pitting their wits against each other every single day, giving and taking away freedoms to make sure that those who know nothing about that secret world are able to wake up in safety every morning.

This time though, there has been a threat of unprecedented nature, a bomb of unknown destructive power, set in an unknown place, placed by an unknown criminal. As a group of master spies, your handlers have assured you that the threat is credible, so all you have do is find out everything there is to know and stop the bomb from... exploding? Something else?

A (relatively) serious classic 90’s gadget-laden Spycraft quest for 4-6 players, starting at level 2. Runs on D20.