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Welcome new and returning GMs!

So, you're interested in being a Game Master for this year’s 24 hour challenge? Below you will find all the information you require.

What do I need to become a GM?

All that is required to apply to be a GM for the event is a solid campaign idea, a idea of the type of game(s) (see 'Do I have to run for 24 hours?'), the number of players you can handle, and a drive to promote the event.

Once accepted to be a GM you will need to join the Justgiving Team for the event here:, so all donations go to the same place. You will need to create your own Just Giving page first - Click the ‘Join the team’ button at the top of that page and follow the instructions.

You will also receive a welcome pack towards the end of July that will contain further information for promoting the event and your session.

Additionally, there is a group Discord which you and your players will be given access to once your place is confirmed.

Do I have to run a game for a full 24 hours?

Though it is meant to be a challenge run over in a single 24 hours, over the years we have diverged to include some more accessible formats. We have also had GM's run:

Basically, if you want to GM, but don't think you can do the full 24 hours in one go, we are open to you doing anything that you feel is a challenge!

Is this year's event online or offline?

This year we're going with a hybrid approach and allowing GMs the choice to run online or offline. Due to the rising number of COVID infections we advise sticking to an online structure like last year’s event, but ultimately the choice is yours.

For those playing offline we DO NOT have a centralised venue like in previous years, so offline GM's will need to target players local to themselves and arrange their own play area. This is due to our encouragement to playing online, but mainly due to the costs associated with renting a central location to play from (which monies we felt would be better going towards the charity instead).

For those playing online, we would love for you to stream your game on Twitch, Youtube or similar streaming services, but this is not an absolute requirement (just helps to keep supporters involved). Help and guidance will be available for setting up a stream soon.

I can’t do the 24th September 2022, but still I want to GM, can I run on a different date?

Our main focus is to raise money for charity, so if you want to do the challenge as a GM but can’t run on the 24th September 2022 then go for it!

We can still advertise your game, but as you are running on a different date we would advise trying to find your own player base.

What game do I/we play?

Anything you like! We would prefer some form of tabletop RPG but the choice is yours. The current favourite is D&D5 but we have had GMs run Shadowrun, Blades in the Dark, Pathfinder, Numenera, Runequest, WFRP, Furry Pirates and more. Think about what your players would enjoy and what you could sustain for the full 24 hours. We have also had GMs run multiple short or one shot RP games to fill up the time, so stick with what you are comfortable with.

I can’t find any players!

Ideally, you will bring your own interested player base with you, however, once on the roster any players can bid for a place at any table which will include yours. Make sure that your campaign description is interesting to entice players in. Be mindful, if your game does not get enough interest, you may be asked to be a player at another table instead.