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Donate Adventures

Welcome new and returning Players!

So, you're interested in playing this year?

Below you'll find all the information you require to be a player at the 2022 24 hour RPG challenge.

How do I become a Player?

Simply submit a blind bid for the RPG session you want to play in. When the games are announced, later in July, there'll be a form available to bid for your chosen game. Bidding will close on September 1st.

How much should I bid?

That's completely up to you! There's no minimum or maximum bid amount.

The higher you bid the more likely you are to secure a place in the game you want to play, but don’t worry - we'll let you know if your bid isn't enough to get a place, so you can decide if you'd like to bid more.

Does my bid secure me ‘a place at the table’?

As you are bidding for your place, your place is not secure until after bidding closes. Once bidding concludes, if your bid is one of the top bids within the player cap for the game you'll have a place at the table. If you are not in the top handful for your chosen table, you will be offered a place at another table that has any remaining spaces, but it is up to you if you accept it or not.

Until bidding has closed, please do not pay your bid to the Just Giving page unless you're happy to donate regardless of whether you join a game.

Do I have to play a game for a full 24 hours?

Though it's meant to be a challenge run over 24 hours, we've diverged to include some more accessible formats. In past events, we've had GMs run:

In short: check the game information! There may be games running in different formats from the original 24 hours.

Is this year's event online or offline?

This year we're going with a hybrid approach and allowing GMs the choice to run online or offline.

Due to the rising number of COVID infections, we advise sticking to an online structure like last year’s event, but ultimately the choice is yours.

For those playing offline we DO NOT have a centralised venue like in previous years, so offline players will need to find GMs local to themselves (or be prepared to travel). This is partly because we're encouraging online games, but mostly due to the costs associated with renting a central location to play from. We thought the money would be better spent going to the charity instead.

For those playing a game online, we would love for you to stream your game on Twitch, Youtube or similar streaming services! This is not an absolute requirement, but helps to keep supporters involved. Help and guidance will be available for setting up a stream soon.

I can’t do the 24th September 2022, but still I want to play, can I play on a different date?

Our main focus is to raise money for charity. With that in mind, we've opened it up this year for GMs to run on a different date within September. So if you want to join, but can’t play on the 24th September 2022, keep an eye out for games running on different dates!

How Do I Get Sponsors?

Ask lots of people! Friends, family, co-workers, many may be willing to stump up, even if they do not quite understand what it is that you are doing. Previous experience has shown that if your sponsors are not gamers, then focusing on the 24 hour aspect and the chosen charity, Shelter, is the way to go. You can also grab a sponsor form from our Downloadables section to keep track, or spam your teams JustGiving link across your socials.