13th – 14th April 2024

This year in aid of:

The 24 Hour RPG Event is back!

Welcome warriors, both keyboard and otherwise!

This year, 24HR RPG is going for a hybrid event with both virtual and in person sessions. Get ready for a weekend of gruelling endurance and exciting adventures, all in aid of Zoe's Place. We invite gamers of every flavour to join together and raise money to support of this years chosen charity.

We are welcoming individual streamers as well as traditional RPG groups. We encourage those not playing in person to stream their games on the day via Twitch, YouTube, UStream or any other suitable service [1].

Every group should also set up a JustGiving page, by clicking the Join Team button at https://www.justgiving.com/team/24RPG24, so all donations go to the same place. You will need to create your own JustGiving page first, let one of us know if you get stuck.

Any players at one of the RPG tables will need to bid real money to gain their seat, with the highest bids taking a place in the game. Those streaming videogames or other activities are less restricted, but are still very much encouraged raise as much money as they can. GM's and individual streamers don't have to bid (unless they really want to), but everyone is of course strongly encouraged to get as many sponsors as possible.

Some games may even allow their sponsor the opportunity to help or hinder their chosen beneficiary through their donations. For every £5 given, a sponsor can inflict a Friend or a Foe token, to help or hinder their efforts. Maybe it will give them a reroll, or an extra chance. Maybe the monsters get another attack in, or they are forced to stand still for a bit longer than they should.

[1]Individual players/groups don't have to participate in one of the public streams if they are uncomfortable doing so. Using character portraits, or muting from the public stream is fine, as long as they are still part of the JustGiving team page.

fantasy map

Modes of Play

  • Pure Mode - 10am - 10am, full 24 hour endurance events for those up to the challenge.
  • Flexible Mode - 10am - 10am, A relaxed challenge for the players, with the option to drop in and out at certain campaign points.
  • Mellow Mode - A more mellow challenge consisting of 12 hours X2, 10am-10pm on both days
  • Relaxed Mode - A relaxed challenge consisting of a single 12 hour session, 10am-10pm on the Saturday
  • Mix Mode - Mainly for videogame streamers, as many hours as you can physically do from 1 to 48 hours depending on the amount of challenge you can manage.

This Years Adventures

  • Date: 13th April 2024
  • Duration: 12 Hours
  • Location: In Person (Southport)
  • GM: John J
  • Mode: Relaxed


A hard-earned rest in your afterlife of preference is the ultimate fate of all adventurers – but even paradise gets boring after a while. Tamara, goddess of mercy, has the solution – one last adventure. A raid so audacious it has never before been attempted. A raid on the Nine Hells. Countless thousands of souls […]

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  • Date: 13th April 2024
  • Duration: 24 Hours
  • Location: In Person (Southport)
  • GM: Paddy R
  • Mode: Pure

Vaults of Vatrein

“Dear Adventurer, I extend my greetings to you, hoping this letter reaches you in a time of prosperity and strength. Aric Thornvale is my name, and I write to you with an urgent matter that demands the attention of individuals of your calibre. In the shadows of our realm, whispers of arcane disturbances and the […]

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  • Date: 13th April 2024
  • Duration: 24 Hours
  • Location: In Person (Southport)
  • GM: Ethan B
  • Mode: Flexible

Ethan’s Spectacular Nonsense Goody Bag Hullaballoo!

A series of one-shot, quick and easy rpgs, likely switching every 2 -3 hours! You’ll be signing up for the whole bunch, but this is the easiest to drop in and out of and/or have someone tag in for you.

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How to find the Venue

This year, the event will be held at the Southport Community Centre. The address for the Centre is:

Southport Community Centre
Norwood Road

Transport Options

The following options are available for getting to the Southport Community Centre.


The Centre is a short walk from Meols Cop Train Station. If you are travelling from Manchester, Meols Cop is the stop just before Southport on the Northern Rail line. If you are travelling from Liverpool, you can get a train to Southport Station and then catch one to Meols Cop (there should be two trains every hour, one at around 05 and another at around 26).


There is limited free car parking on site and also off road parking close to the Centre. The Centre is just off the Sussex Road/Norwood Road junction.


If you're already in Southport, then it is an approximately 25 minute walk from Southport Town centre.