The Event

It’s time for our 4th 24 hour RPG challenge!

This year our chosen charity is Mind. It is a mental health charity that helps to raise awareness and provides support for mental health and those who need it. We have chosen to support Mind due to the ongoing stigma surrounding mental health and because we believe everyone knows someone who has been affected by mental health problems, whether that be depression, anxiety, addiction, or some other issue.

What's happening

In a change from previous years we are going to running the adventures with different structures so more people can take part. We will be running 3 different types of adventure, so check which your preferred game falls under.

  • Pure Mode - 10am - 10am, full 24 hour endurance events for those up to the challenge
  • Mellow Mode - Two 12 hour events with a gap in the middle, 10am-10pm on both Saturday and Sunday, for those who want a more chilled and social event.
  • Rush Mode - 12 hour event, 10am on the Saturday, for those who want to take part but can't commit to 24 hours or both days.

Please Note - All games may overrun (up to an hour for finishing up and tidying), so make sure you have made suitable arrangements.

You can find out more about the adventures being run here. You can also enquire, if you are up for the challenge, about being a GM here

On the day, if it is like our previous attempts, there will no doubt be a running commentary, photos, and a live stream to show the depths of stress we can get into as the night continues.

It will most definitely be a feat of endurance, logistics, and skill (and fun). Do YOU take up the challenge?

How to get involved

The players will bid real money to take part, with the highest bids/donations taking a place at one of the tables, you can read more about becoming a player here. It will also need support refs as well as support from as many people as possible to make it as unique, special and worthwhile as it can be.

Sponsors can also influence the outcome of the game. Further details can be found here