• Date: 13th April 2024
  • Duration: 12 Hours
  • Location: In Person (Southport)
  • GM: John J
  • Mode: Relaxed

A hard-earned rest in your afterlife of preference is the ultimate fate of all adventurers – but even paradise gets boring after a while. Tamara, goddess of mercy, has the solution – one last adventure. A raid so audacious it has never before been attempted.

A raid on the Nine Hells.

Countless thousands of souls are held eternally in the torturous realm of Devils, and their suffering is something Tamara can no longer tolerate. Tiring of waiting for her fellow gods to act, she has turned to the inhabitants of those gods’ afterlives, and is raising a force of the departed to strike at the heart of the Nine Hells and free the souls trapped there.

Current Players (3 / 5)


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