• Date: 13th April 2024
  • Duration: 24 Hours
  • Location: In Person (Southport)
  • GM: Paddy R
  • Mode: Pure

“Dear Adventurer, I extend my greetings to you, hoping this letter reaches you in a time of prosperity and strength. Aric Thornvale is my name, and I write to you with an urgent matter that demands the attention of individuals of your calibre.

In the shadows of our realm, whispers of arcane disturbances and the looming presence of a dormant lich have found their way to my ears. Unbeknownst to the realm, a gem of unspeakable power lies nestled within the crown of the Hero Duke, concealed from the eyes of the celebratory populace.

This letter bears no whimsy but a genuine concern for the safety of our land. The lich’s presence remains obscured, and the key to his containment rests in the gem within the Duke’s crown. Unaware of this unholy alliance, the Duke chooses to wear a grand lion mask at the upcoming masquerade ball, storing the crown securely within his vaults.

I implore you to weigh the gravity of this situation and meet me at The Outside Inn. There, we can discuss the intricacies of a plan to retrieve the gem during the masquerade ball, while it is not in his personal possession. Your unique skills and resilience are precisely what we need to unravel this mystery and sever the ties binding the lich to our esteemed Duke.

Your arrival is awaited at The Outside Inn, where we can delve further into the details of this perilous quest. Time is of the essence, and the fate of our land rests upon the capable shoulders of individuals such as yours.

May fortune accompany your endeavours.

Warm regards,

Aric Thornvale

The campaign is designed for levels 8-16 and though players of any calibre are welcome an understanding of the rules is preferable as there is a lot to get through.

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